Thor Kitchen 48 in. 6.8 cu. ft. Double Oven Propane Gas Range in Stainless Steel, LRG4807ULP

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THOR Kitchen offers the power and performance of a premium professional appliance at a practical price. The THOR Kitchen 48" Inch Gas Range, LRG4807ULP, is a stainless steel machine that is designed with professional features and functionality. With powerful burners, continuous grates and a commercial convection fan, this range takes everything from prime rib to snickerdoodles to the next level. Oh, and did we mention the 15,000 BTU griddle?

Notable Features

  • Italian-Made Burners. Single-ring, sealed burners are made in Italy and can reach 18,000 BTU for high-heat searing - designed to accommodate even the largest cookware.
  • Heavy Duty Grates. Each heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grate will fit your Pro-style range design and handle any size of your cookware, providing a luxury cooking experience.
  • Heavy Duty Knobs. Commercial knobs allow you to infinitely adjust the temperature to fit your cooking needs.
  • Oven Capacity. Dual ovens at 4.6 cu. ft. and 2.2 cu. ft. capacity allow you to cook multiple dishes at a time
  • Storage Space. Storage drawer provides additional storage space for cooking trays and other kitchen utensils
  • Convection Fan. Commercial convection fan provides controlled heat distribution for fast and efficient cooking
  • Continuous Cast-Iron Grates. Heavy-duty continuous cast-iron cooking grates that can handle any size cookware
  • Even Heat Broiler. Reflective gas tube broiler distributes heat evenly to sear your food and seal in the juices
  • Pro-Style Knobs. Black ABS burner control knobs add style to the bold range design
  • Porcelain Spill Tray. Single-piece black porcelain spill tray catches the mess and makes cleanup easy
  • Porcelain Interior. The gray porcelain oven interior adds a stylish touch and is easy to clean

Proud to Source the best materials Internationally and in US

  • ITALIAN SOURCED BURNERS: Each of our burners features its own ignition, instead of the traditional multi-point model of using one ignitor for all burners. This offers a quieter cooking experience while also extending the lifetime of the burner system.
  • SPAIN SOURCED BURNER VALVE: Providing precise control on top burner flames to provide a professional cooking experience for your Thor Kitchen Cooking.
  • US SOURCED THERMOSTAT: Mechanical Thermostat Control offering everlasting temperature sensing function and maintaining the cooking temperature you desired.
  • US SOURCED HOT SURFACE IGNITOR: Supporting your Thor Kitchen Gas Range bake/broil function with enduring hot surface ignition system, providing high-performance radiating heat to sear your food and seal in the juices so you can enjoy the juiciest meats, poultry and fish


    Dimensions: 47.9" W x 27.5" D x 37.5"H
    Requires a minimum of 120V/60Hz/15 or 20A
    Mount Type: Free Standing
    Warranty: 2 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
    Product Weight: 404.8 lbs
    Cooktop: - Cooktop: (6) Burners and Griddle Burner - Type: Propane Gas

    - Convection
    - 6.8 cu.ft. deep oven
    - Dual Door

    Small Oven with 2.2 cu. ft.
    - 18” Oven: 12 ¾”W x 19”D x 17”H

    Large Oven with 4.6 cu. ft.
    - 23 ¾”W x 19”D x 17”H

    BTU Ratings:

    Front Right (Single) 12,000 BTU
    Front Left (Single) 12,000 BTU
    Front Middle (Single) 18,000 BTU
    Rear Right (Single) 12,000 BTU
    Rear Left (Single) 12,000 BTU
    Rear Middle (Single) 12,000 BTU
    Griddle Burner 15,000 BTU

    Tube Broil burner 10,000 BTU
    U-shape burner (30" Oven) 22,000 BTU
    Tube burner (18" Oven) 14,000 BTU

    Fuel Type: - Cooktop: Propane Gas
    - Oven: Propane Gas

    18" Storage Drawer
    - 11.25”W*19.5”D*2”H

    30" Storage Drawer
    - 23.5”W*19.25”D*2”H

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